Providing Ag Retailers with their Integrated Grower Portal

Offering growers the ability to view and pay invoices, access historical orders, request product prices, and much more


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Established: 2017
Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN
Available: Throughout the USA
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When digital commerce meets Agriculture

AgVend was established in 2017 with the aim of enabling growers to transact with their ag retailers online, bringing digital commerce to agriculture. Ag retailers are leveraging AgVend to do much more than that including creating more efficient sales processes, optimize supply chains, improve margins, and ultimately deliver a better experience for their customers with their white-labeled Grower Portal solution. It’s the retailer’s brand, their customers, their experience, powered by AgVend technology.

The AgVend-powered Grower Portal is an integrated web and mobile application that is branded and specifically configured for each individual retailer. It is designed to give growers and their retailers instant access to key information and streamline communications to ultimately save time.

While some may see a digital grower experience as a threat to the existing ag retail market, AgVend and their Partner Retailers see it as an opportunity. AgVend’s intuitive white-labeled online portals enhance rather than disintermediate the Grower-Sales Agronomist relationships. Their mobile-first technology ensures that growers can do business where, when, and how they want, be that in person, over the phone, or online.

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From Agworld Recommendation to AgVend Transaction

The Agworld - AgVend integration connects Agworld’s industry-leading planning and recommendation capabilities with AgVend’s network of leading ag retailer’s Grower Portals. Agronomic recommendations created in Agworld can seamlessly flow into these AgVend-powered Grower Portals to eliminate double-entry of data and ensure recommendation data in AgVend is current at all times.

Growers can view their Agworld recommendation in their retailer’s AgVend-powered portal and in just 2 clicks they can see the right product, pricing and place an order all from a native mobile app. Cut down on unnecessary phone calls and avoid mistakes; the integration of Agworld and AgVend helps streamline the order communication between ag retailers and growers.

Optimizing the digital experience

Case Study

Linking Agronomy to Product Purchase

“A product integration between AgWorld and AgVend allows us take the agronomy work that we do in our customers fields and help them identify quickly and easily the agronomy products that they need to purchase, the cost of those products, and place their order, all while continuing to be able to use Agworld’s world class farm management software to manage their operations.”

Connor Lankford
Precision Ag Manager, Valley Agronomics, American Falls, ID

Agworld partner Kcoe Isom

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