What's New!

We know you love your farm maps. That’s why our latest iPad update is full of improved mapping tools that let you draw your boundaries, cut out non-arable areas, annotate and draw on your maps, see your field's insights at-a-glance and much more.

  • New - Filter your jobs by tags! These tags also allow you to easily keep track of your scheduled jobs on your mobile device or on the website. Activities can be tagged with custom text to help with searching and filtering. Individual activity inputs can be tagged in order to record additional info, such as pack size or job progress.

  • New! REI and PHI insights are now available on your mobile device. Simply add your REI or PHI through the suggested applications feature and Agworld will label the maps for you!


  • New! Map & re-map your fields with pin-point accuracy on your iPad. The new pivot and add/remove tools let you map even the most complex boundaries and cut out non-arable areas in your field.


  • New! Get directions to your mapped fields & location pins. Using the turn-by-turn directions of Apple or Google maps, you can point your staff to key locations or job sites as shown on your Agworld farm map.

  • Drive and map a field using your iPad’s GPS tracking. Just start driving around the field while your iPad automatically draws the boundary based on the path you travelled.

  • Custom Blends - You can now create custom blends in Agworld - both solid and liquid fertilizer blends are now supported in the custom calculator.


  • Map annotations help you reference and distinguish key areas on your farm map more effectively by seeing your current location and adding drawings or descriptive text with multiple colors.

  • Field Labels let you customize the look and information you see on your farm map by field name, crop & variety or area.

  • Field Insights provide additional layers of agronomic and field performance information to your farm maps. See each field's yield data, total cost to date, the number of jobs due for the week and your planned or actual gross margins without ever leaving the maps page.


Click here to update your Agworld for iPad and experience these exciting mapping features.

If you haven’t used our iPad app in a while, click here to download it for free before the busy seeding season starts. If you ever get stuck, our world-class customer support team is available via live chat, email or on the phone - you choose.

The easy-to-use activity form you love on the iPad app has made its way to the Agworld website. This latest web version is more intuitive and shortens the page loading time when filling in your activity forms.   Want to take it for a spin? Click here to log in to your Agworld account on the web.

Input your data faster using the brand new activity form

  • When adding inputs, you can now choose between your recently used inputs or inputs in your price list
  • See summary of rates when selecting input on the left hand menu
  • Rates on specific operations now automatically populate with typically used rates (i.e. 1/ac for boomspray applications; OTHERS)
  • Set re-entry restriction intervals and product rainfast in terms of hours


We've also improved the way the website handles your templates

  • Ability to edit your activity templates immediately after you've applied the template in farm planning
  • Choose whether you want to see all available templates or only the ones you have created


We didn't stop there. We've added more website improvements that you've been asking for:

  • You can now toggle between liquid and dry application settings
  • When creating crop plans, you can now edit the activity area in the planning page
  • A much larger comments box (the ability to re-use your recent comments is coming very soon)

We understand that you may not want to make the switch right now. We’ve included a feature toggle to allow you to temporarily go back and use the form you’re familiar with. Click on the star next to your name and account settings to switch between the two forms.



Custom Blend Calculator
Calculate the optimal rate of fertilizer required to meet your micro and macro nutrition goals and product cost. Nutrient totals are now shown for all your inputs and when setting your application rates.