Pricing for Growers



  • Your farm on web & mobile
  • Map your farm
  • View consultant recommendations
  • Get notified of new recommendations
  • Access to labels, MSDS & research library



/user/year (excl. sales tax where applicable)

  • Everything in Farmer Free
  • Create field notes
  • Create and assign work orders to farm staff and external applicators
  • Keep field records
  • Send your compliance notifications to CalAg
  • Suggested rates & rate warnings
  • Drop key locations on map
  • Upload documents
  • Access to Agworld Scout


most popular plan


/user/year (excl. sales tax where applicable)

  • Everything in Farmer Mobile
  • Create comprehensive crop plans
  • Create season budgets & financial forecasts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agworld?

A simple, powerful farm information management system that reinforces collaboration between Growers and Consultants to help them get the job done and make the best decisions for their business.

How can I access Agworld?

You can access Agworld on your computer via the web browser or through our iPad and iPhone apps available on the Apple App Store.

How safe is my data with Agworld?

This is our highest priority, so we use multiple levels of security to protect, encrypt and provide multiple backups of your data.

What type of farming is Agworld applicable to?

Agworld is currently focused on crop production of all types, including pastures.

What does the online/offline functionality really mean?

Online/offline simply means our apps will work even when outside of internet coverage. Anything you do while offline will sync the next time you are online.

Can I export my data?

Yes. Just click on any of the export buttons to download your information for use with your accounting and machinery software.

Do I have to pay for anything during my 30-day trial?

No. Not at all. We don’t even ask for your credit card details.

How many people are on Agworld?

We currently have over 17,000 registered users on Agworld, a figure which is rapidly growing.

Try Agworld today. No credit card required.